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Understanding a Personal Injury Claim

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Every year, thousands of people have the misfortune of sustaining a personal injury, and many do not seek compensation. It is easy to see how after an accident, you may be overwhelmed and busy focusing on your recovery rather than following deadlines to file a claim. Our personal injury lawyers in Sudbury can take over this process for you, so you can focus on getting better.

Personal Injury Classifications & Timelines

Most personal injuries result from

These claims can be classified into a few categories:

  • person vs. person;

  • person vs. company; and

  • person vs. city.

Depending on the type of claim and which laws apply, there are different timelines to abide by.

Accident Benefits

The process to complete a benefits claim is document-heavy and includes obtaining documentation from medical professionals, employers and therapists. Your Sudbury personal injury lawyer routinely handles these documents and can assist you in the process.

Tort Claims

An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess your case and advise you on the likelihood of succeeding in a tort claim and they vary from case to case.

For example:

  • For motor vehicle accident tort claims: your injuries must meet the legal and medical “threshold” test. This means the claim requires medical proof of impairment and its effect on your daily living including general damages for pain and suffering, health care expenses, and loss of income/earning capacity.

Pursuing Your Tort Action

Successfully proving a tort claim can provide you with the additional funds needed to fully restore your life after the losses you’ve suffered from the accident. The likelihood of recovering funds where a lawyer represents you is high, given that about 98% of cases settle out of court.

At Paquette & Paquette, our personal injury lawyers provide you with added security of paying on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t charge legal fees unless we recover funds for you.

Because pursuing a tort claim can be complicated, time consuming, and stressful, it is wise to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle the claim and to follow your lawyer’s advice

When to Contact Paquette & Paquette for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sudbury

If you are seriously injured following an accident, it is imperative to retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a lawyer early in the process can help secure your financial recovery; it can help preserve your rights to a claim and maximize any benefits you are eligible for related to the accident injuries you sustained.

At Paquette & Paquette Professional Corporation in Sudbury, our lawyers will collect and preserve evidence, file the appropriate documentation and fight hard for the most compensation for you. Call us to arrange your free initial consultation at 1-877-767-6356.


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