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Workplace Injury in Sudbury

Workplace Injury in Sudbury: When to Call a Lawyer

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – even at work. Luckily, most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to help employees should they sustain a workplace injury and need to recover lost wages and other benefits as a result of that injury. Workplace injuries can include a variety of different issues that affect an employee’s health and their ability to perform their job. If you find yourself dealing with a workplace injury in Sudbury, you may be qualified to receive some form of workers’ compensation. Turn to the lawyers at Sudbury’s Paquette & Paquette to learn more about workers’ compensation and how you can file a claim concerning your work-related injury.

What is considered a workplace injury in Sudbury?

So how do you know if you have sustained what is considered a workplace injury in Sudbury? First, the injury needs to have happened at work or on company property or on company business. This means an accident could be considered a workplace injury if you sustain it on the jobsite or while traveling for your employer, like if you drive a company owned truck. Second, the workplace injury must require medical treatment, and third, it may or may not require time away from work. While many think of broken bones or other such tangible injuries, workplace injuries can also include such things as lung cancer if it is a result of inhaling smoke while on the job or carpal tunnel syndrome caused by too many hours typing for the company. As you can see, connecting these injuries to the workplace may be hard to do. That’s where a lawyer can help.

How a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury helps with workplace injury claims

Filing for workers’ compensation may seem like a simple task. You’ve been injured on the job, so just file a claim and everything’s done, right? Unfortunately, it can be a little more complicated than that. And in fact, insurance companies frequently deny valid claims for a number of reasons. A personal injury lawyer in Sudbury can carefully investigate your workplace injury claim and negotiate with the insurance company for you. We can provide legal advice, ensure your rights are respected and help you get the medical and financial support you’re entitled to. Paquette & Paquette has experience handling a variety of different workers’ compensation claims. We recommend you talk to a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury before you sign anything that has to do with your workers’ compensation claim.

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For workplace injury cases, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay unless money is recovered on your behalf in a judgment or a settlement.

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