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Real Estate Law

Legal Resources and Real Estate Lawyers in Sudbury

If you are looking at buying or selling a property in Sudbury, or already have an accepted offer, you need to look for a real estate lawyer to assist you with your closing. Paquette & Paquette has the legal resources and experience you need to help you with any real estate transaction in Sudbury. Two of our lawyers - Norman N. Paquette and Josee J. Paquette - specialize in real estate law and will do their very best to ensure your deal goes smoothly.

We will act for buyers or sellers of residential and commercial real estate, vacant land, cottages, farms, help with mortgage transactions, and Planning Act matters such as severance consent applications. We will make sure your rights as a buyer or seller are protected at all times. Speak with our legal teams in Sudbury or Val Caron to know how we can help you with your real estate transaction.

What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

For the Buyer

For the buyer, a real estate lawyer ensures the transfer of ownership, the terms of your purchase agreement and the title to the property are cleared smoothly.

  • Reviewing of the Agreement of Purchase and other legal documents

  • Ensure no claims are listed against the property

  • Arrange for Title Insurance

  • Ensure there is a valid title upon closing

  • Ensure property taxes are up to date

  • Calculate the land transfer tax due on closing

  • Draw up mortgage documents

  • Close the transaction and ensure all legal and financial conditions are met

  • Exchange legal documents and keys with the seller’s lawyer

For the Seller

On the seller’s side, the real estate lawyer ensures the transaction goes smoothly and all legal aspects are covered. It includes:

  • Reviewing of the Agreement of Sale and other legal documents

  • Help with negotiating all terms and conditions

  • Prepare the deed to your house

  • Deal and remedy title issues if and when they occur

  • Close the transaction

  • Ensure all legal and financial conditions are met

  • Exchange legal documents and keys with the buyer’s lawyer

When & Why Would I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Buying or selling a house is a big step and it is important to seek legal guidance from a professional who knows all the rules and regulations of real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a house, you will need to file a lot of paperwork and read through lengthy and intricate contracts. Our real estate lawyers in Sudbury are familiar with the local processes and support your case.

What Are the Advantages of Working with a Real Estate Lawyer?

  • Review contracts

Real estate contracts tend to be lengthy with unfamiliar legal jargon. A real estate lawyer will read your contract thoroughly and make sure you understand the terms. We will ensure the contract you are signing benefits you.

  • Ensure the buying or selling process goes smoothly

A real estate lawyer acts as your advocate and your legal representative to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and all parties.

  • Handle the title search

When buying a house from someone, it is important to check if they have the right to sell the home. Our lawyers will reassure you that everything is legitimate so that you can carry out the process of buying your house.

  • Filing paperwork

Our real estate lawyers will take care of all the paperwork involved with buying and selling a house. They will make sure that the title transfers are properly filed in the right place.

If you are looking for reliable real estate lawyers in Sudbury or Val Caron, the team at Paquette & Paquette will do all they can to help minimize the stress that comes with buying or selling a home.

Do You Need Help With Your Real Estate Transaction in Sudbury?

We have years of experience in dealing with real estate deals of all types.

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