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When Do You Need a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Sudbury?

Personal injury lawyer in Sudbury Ontario

Whether temporary or permanent, disability can take away your capacity to earn a living. Since most people cannot rely on their savings alone during periods of unemployment; hence, long-term disability (LTD) insurance can help. If you become too disabled to continue working, LTD policies will ensure you get paid a portion of your lost income. While most people get insurance through their employer, there are also options to buy insurance on your own or even share the costs with your employer. Typically, plans can last you up to the age of 65, but be sure to read the fine print as individual policies vary. If you are seeking compensation, consult a disability lawyer today. The longer you delay, the harder it can be to fight for the compensation you deserve.

3 Signs You May Need a Disability Lawyer 

When it comes to insurance, it’s not always easy to understand your rights. That’s where we step in. Below is a list of situations where you may need help from a qualified, long-term disability lawyer:

  • Your Claim Is Denied: If your claim has been denied, don’t lose hope. Even if you are initially denied by the insurance company, disability lawyers are very familiar with LTD policies. They also know what kind of medical and vocational documents insurance companies are looking for to prove your claim. Since there are strict deadlines for filings suits, avoid trying to represent yourself and work with an experienced professional instead. 

  • Your Employer Terminated Your Employment: If there is confusion over whether or not you are still entitled to benefits after being terminated from your job, a disability lawyer can help. What matters most is when you became disabled, so your termination should not influence your LTD entitlement. However, if you were on short-term disability or on a temporary layoff and become disabled, some insurance companies can look into that more critically.

  • Your Insurance Company Requires Additional Evidence: Many LTD policies allow your insurance company to choose their own practitioner to assess your disability, even if your personal doctor has supported your claim. Nevertheless, the appointed practitioner must be qualified and have a reason to perform the exam. Get advice from a disability lawyer if you have any concerns about this.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sudbury Can Help

Be prepared for all of life’s unexpected events. Like most people, if you live on your working income, an important piece of your insurance portfolio should include long-term disability. It’s never too early to find qualified, legal representation to help you avoid any missteps that may affect your ability to qualify for insurance. At Paquette & Paquette, we work tirelessly to hold insurance companies accountable should your LTD claim be denied or terminated. We understand that LTD cases can be highly sensitive and complex, but our disability lawyer has the skill and experience to get you the benefits you deserve.

For long-term disability litigation in Sudbury, call our toll-free number at 1-888-383-3751 or contact us online. Our numbers for both offices are:


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