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Steps to Take After a Motorcycle or Snowmobile Accident

An image of a motorcycle accident and snowmobile accident in sudbury

Having an accident with a motorcycle can be terrifying. According to Statistics Canada, you are 13.5 times more likely to die from a motorcycle accident than you are from a car accident. It’s no wonder the moments following such an accident can be extremely hectic. Here at Paquette & Paquette, we make sure that our clients are taken care of in the aftermath of their motorcycle accident or snowmobile accident in Sudbury. Let our team of experts show you the steps you need to take after an accident.

What you need to do immediately

No matter the situation, you need to take these steps in the aftermath of an accident:

• Always stay at the scene.

• In the case of vehicle damage or personal injury, call the police and ambulance right away.

• Take down all relevant information, including witnesses to the accident.

• Take photos of the damage and any possible injuries.

• Notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

• Contact a personal injury lawyer to learn about your rights.

Go see a doctor

While you might feel fine in the hours that follow an accident, it can sometimes take days for any symptoms of a bigger problem to appear. In the case of a motorcycle or snowmobile accident, it’s very rare that you’ll require no medical attention at all. Be sure to see a doctor if necessary. Not only is it important for the purposes of your insurance claim, but also for the benefit of your personal health and safety.

Keep your statement simple

A common trend in motorcycle accidents is for the at-fault party’s insurance to imply that the plaintiff didn’t take the adequate steps to avoid a collision. Two common phrases used in accident reports are “I laid down my bike” and that the other vehicle “came out of nowhere.” Neither of these phrases will do you any favours when it comes to filing your claim. The fact that you laid down your bike implies that you didn’t apply the brakes to try and avoid the collision. The same goes for claiming to have not seen the oncoming vehicle: it implies that you were not paying attention to the road. Try to avoid phrases that could put you at fault.

Hire a personal injury lawyer

Medical bills can get expensive, especially in a case where you will need to undergo lengthly physical rehabilitation. Be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer to make sure that your claim covers every dollar that you are entitled to in the aftermath of an accident.

At Paquette & Paquette, we make sure our clients get all that they’re entitled to. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle or snowmobile accident in Sudbury, schedule an appointment. For more information about our services,visit us here.


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