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Four Ways a Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A doctor in white coat is examining a brain scan with a brain injury patient

Many people don’t fully realize the legal, financial and emotional ramifications of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Head trauma caused by workplace hazards, a vehicle accident or playing sports, can have catastrophic, life-long repercussions. A victim’s day-to-day life may be altered in devastating ways, both in the short and long term. Having a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer in Sudbury on your side can help you navigate the legal system and ensure that you and your family receive the care and compensation you’re entitled to after suffering a brain injury. Here are four essential ways a Sudbury brain injury lawyer can assist you.

1. Proving the case

Traumatic brain injury claims are extremely complicated because the nature of a brain injury itself is often difficult for doctors to diagnose. The thorny nature of personal injury law is something most people don’t have the experience to navigate successfully without adequate legal representation. Paquette & Paquette lawyers understand the problematic aspects of a brain damage lawsuit. Our legal team can help you secure medical testimony if necessary, gather evidence and proof, and present your case to the courts or insurers in the most effective way possible.

2. Getting compensated

Treatment for a brain injury incurs unexpected costs. If someone else is responsible for the damage, you or your family should not have to manage these expenses alone. You may require compensation for things like speech therapy, in-home or long term care, mobility products, transportation for appointments and more. Your Sudbury brain injury lawyer will fight to make sure you receive what you’re due.

3. Legal representation when there’s an incapacity

Someone with a brain injury may be unable to communicate on their own. In this case, a family member will have to represent them and speak on their behalf. Brain injury lawyers are mindful of this difficult situation and are experienced at handling it with ease. They can be an advocate for your loved one, making sure they receive the best medical and financial support available and secure maximum compensation for their suffering.

4. Special circumstances

Motor vehicle accident victims in Ontario are sometimes eligible for Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS), also called a “no-fault benefit”. This is an intricate matter best dealt with by a professional. A lawyer who understands the eligibility criteria for these benefits is crucial to get you the best reparation suited to your circumstances. They can also appeal an unfair or unsatisfactory outcome of your case.

When choosing a brain injury lawyer, it’s important to find someone trustworthy, capable and experienced in complicated personal English and French injury cases. Contact Paquette & Paquette to find the attorney who’s right for you. We offer service in throughout Sudbury and Val Caron.


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